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Today’s World, Tomorrow’s Office.

The way we work has changed significantly in recent years – we are now more mobile, more creatively engaged across multiple roles and more often than not, entirely out of step with the predictability of any regular work routine. This change is largely the after effect of technology megatrends, like cloud, social, mobile and big data – which all continue to be active change agents in markets, industries and companies across the world. As long as technology allows us to work from anywhere, and at any time – work is simply what you do, it is no longer a place you go to. And as the idea of work continues to lose its geographic shackles, our workspace needs to meet this change – and flexible, cost effective solutions are key.

In a new mobile world serviced office acts as the most modular solution by providing options for temporary space within short periods of time. It is estimated that 26% of the three billion global workforce work away from the office for at least two days per week (Corenet, 2012).

As businesses expand their global footprint, the need for adaptable workspace solutions has grown rapidly. Small and large businesses are in need of space where they can engage across continents within a negotiable period of time and minimal set up costs. Serviced office can act as a cost conscious testing ground within new markets – whether the model begins with a Virtual Office solution or physical space set up.

Innovation and creativity are valued more highly now than ever before, and workplaces need to be able to foster ongoing creative thought. The office can no longer be stale and monotonous – thoughtful design that encourages productivity and collaboration, as well as beautifully appointed spaces, combine together to inspire beautiful work. The Office Space has built our workspaces around this ethos, and we encourage the emotional connection our residents have with their workspace.

As technology continues to change rapidly and advance exponentially – the ability for businesses to stay ahead and keep up comes out as a constant and demanding cost. Shared resources through shared serviced office space is an intelligent solution. The Office Space offers sophisticated facilities and seamless infrastructure – which includes our super high speed internet that operates at 500Mbps. We’re keeping in step and staying informed so that you don’t have to. The Office Space continues to offer adaptable workplace solutions for today’s business world.

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