Our Guests

Claire Ainsworth Herschell

Clare Ainsworth Herschell believes true philanthropy comes in a variety of currencies.  Her energy and enthusiasm for people, the environment, and the arts has seen her fulfil numerous rolls with NFPs including…
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Hamish Balnaves

Hamish Balnaves believes medicine, the arts and education are the three fundamental pillars for bettering society. As CEO of the Balnaves Foundation, he is continuing the work of his father,…
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Jane Jose

Jane Jose believes every woman, man and child in our city should have the opportunity to thrive.  As the CEO for Sydney Community Foundation she inspires philanthropic donors to invest…
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Phillip Vivian

With 25 year’s experience at Bates Smart, Director Philip Vivian is highly sought for his vision and critical thinking on cities, density, tall buildings, and sustainable urban development. Philip’s design…
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Bruce Taper

“We see the city as a mosaic, with different and diverse needs.  Big data allows us to generate a rich and unique picture of our urban fabric, driving solutions for…
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Kim Crestani

“Great architecture and urban design at every scale also takes creativity, energy and intelligence to see the design through in all its complexity” Kim Crestani, Director, Order Architects and Architect…
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