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Claire Ainsworth Herschell

Clare Ainsworth Herschell believes true philanthropy comes in a variety of currencies.  Her energy and enthusiasm for people, the environment, and the arts has seen her fulfil numerous rolls with NFPs including World Vision, Gondwanna Choirs, Voiceless and Uplifting Australia. She was the inaugural Next Gen Development Manager at the Art Gallery of NSW where she founded and launched the Atelier program, with artists Ben Quilty,  Tony Albert, and Agatha Gothe-Snape as ambassadors.

For her next act, Clare is putting her full energies to combatting climate change.  She has partnered with the Climate Council of Australia and environmentalist Anna Rose to host an annual trip to the Heron Island research station where creative and cultural leaders, philanthropists, media and business leaders will hear from Australian of the Year Professor Tim Flannery about the science, impacts and solutions to climate change.  Showing that the flow of philanthropy is not just financial, the trip has already directly inspired the book Rise and Resist by Clare Press, and the artwork of photographer Tamara Dean (“Endangered”), which won the 2019 Moran prize.

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