Enrich Through Culture

Engagement is a dynamic, constantly shifting process that responds to collective needs.

We are all about community-building in ways big and small. It requires earnest leadership by those connected to local communities, woven into the intricate fabric of arts and business communities. Engagement is more than token acts or fads—more than a free drink in the kitchen, or a lunch-time PowerPoint talk series. It is ultimately an authentic connection between individuals and the collective.

Culture is something that is hard to create with a small team so it’s vital to come from the environment around you. This is something that The Office Space recognize and have totally nailed. …Its the strongest reason for us to stay.

Dylan Salotti,  Managing Director, Divitis Financial

Meet Our Residents

Every resident at The Office Space is carefully selected, ensuring a dynamic mix of businesses: start-ups, small to medium-sized enterprises, global firms with suites in Australia. They come from many disciplines—creative agencies, consultants, non-for-profit, media, marketing, digital ventures, IT—but the common thread is a creative approach.  Our dedicated Community Managers work to connect aligned businesses and ensure an inclusive, tailored, and supportive working environment.

Our Events

The Office Space’s curated events are designed to make you feel part of our community through a program of internal and open activations.  We warmly invite with wider neighbourhood and creative business communities to share in our events and content through our monthly News e-letter.  Each month we explore a different theme intimately related to our Surry Hills locale and our position as a business thought-leader.  Whether gleaning insights from business leaders and innovators at our Insight business talk series,  social events and communal table luncheons, or sweating it out at fitness boot camp, our events always feel relevant to you and where you are right now.