Client Reviews

The Office Space currently supports over 120 emerging businesses and established enterprises.
Our residents range from sole traders to multinational companies working across a dynamic range of industries. They are united by an innovative, technology-savvy and highly motivated working ethos, which helps them to stand out in a competitive market. But don’t just take our word for it…

“We’re small business owners. Culture can be hard to create with such a small team, so it’s vital that the environment around us delivers. This is something that The Office Space recognise and have totally nailed …It’s the strongest reason for us to stay”.

Dylan Salotti -
Mortgage Specialist at Divitis Financial

“We call The Office Space team our Bond girls. They look sharp, are incredibly competent, and always a step ahead. As a law firm this is an invaluable service for our clients and our team”

Fiona Reid -
Managing Director of Reid Family Lawyers

“When OrderMate expanded in to Sydney, we felt it was important to choose an office that would enhance and support not only out brand but the overall first impression our clients would receive. We chose The Office Space for three reasons. The team of staff are fantastic, and represent our brand as if they were our own employees. The location and facilities allow for the organic growth of our business. The design and layout is award winning, allowing us to project a brand perception that is a cut above our competition.”

Leigh Richardson -
National Sales Manager Ordermate

“Reservoir has been the ideal launching pad for us to break into the Sydney market. The creative agency vibe aligns with our brand, whilst the great support staff and facilities have allowed us to focus on our core business with incredible results.”

Nick Cummins -
The Royals

“An absolute no brainer for anyone looking for short or long term space. If you’re reading this and wondering if it’s right for you, do it. You’ll be congratulating yourself for a great decision about an hour after you move in.”

Mike Priddis -
Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures

“Being Virtual Offce residents at The Offce Space has allowed us to save a bundle in overheads and create a better sense of security for us as a small business.”

Kim Carter -
Rockstar Agency

“Paramount by The Office Space is a statement-making place of business that refines your brand and can bolster a client’s perception of you significantly.”

Vince Frost -
Frost Collective