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Insight: Positive Pedagogy

“One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”
Malala Yousafzai 

Education enhances the individual, empowers the disadvantaged, furthers civilisations, drives economic prosperity, and spurs innovation. It is also big business. At $28 billion per annum, education is Australia’s largest service export, and we are the world’s third-largest provider of international education. 

Given the significance of education and its direct correlation to civic and economic success, there are hugely vested interests in getting it right. This month, Insight is studying Pedagogy, the art, science, and business of how we teach and learn in a new world of advancing technology, wicked world problems, changing job markets and shifting economies. 

Our power panel are all top of their class when it comes to grappling with the big and small matters of education – from systems and policy, through to people and place. 

We are honoured to welcome: 

Prof Pasi Sahlberg – Professor of Education Policy at UNSW Sydney and deputy director and research director of the Gonski Institute for Education; 

Jacqui Baker – Director of Studies, International Grammar School; 

Thierry Lacoste – Director at Lacoste+Stevenson architects and university lecturer in architecture; 

Daisy Turnbull – Author and Director of Wellbeing at St Catherine’s School Sydney 


Tuesday 29th August 2020 Insight Panel 6 -7pm sharp (bar/cinema open from 5:45pm)

Golden Age Cinema Tickets $20 + GST (full proceeds go to Sydney Community Foundation)

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Our Guests

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