For over a decade, we’ve been crafting a more grown-up and nuanced take on the traditional coworking model—one that eschews impersonal hot-desking or Astroturf clichés. An ideal base for businesses at every stage—from start-ups to medium-sized enterprises—we have a range of fluid working options that span casual or regular hourly, daily, weekly or monthly use. For growing businesses, the burden is as light as possible—and the benefits enormous.


There’s an electric feeling of serendipity at both Paramount and Reservoir locations. With options for private or more collaborative spaces, and myriad meeting rooms, you will find your perfect work style.  Our communal spaces for gathering—be it kitchens, indoor gardens or mini libraries—mean you’ll often strike up conversation a stranger, sparking new ideas and connections.  Access our custom-built intranet and real-world events and gatherings for opportunities to learn, network and socialise.

Coworking Office Space Sydney
Coworking Office Space Sydney

“If you’re reading this and wondering if it’s right for you—do it. You’ll be congratulating yourself for a great decision about an hour after you move in”

Mike Priddis, Co-founder, Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures

Coworking Office Space Sydney


To allow you to focus on the core of your business, our reception team can offer extra services—be it PA and business assistance, courier management or catering. There are value-add opportunities too: office bikes for free hire, Car Share corporate memberships, and access to a curated collection of the latest magazines in business, design and lifestyle.


Prices start at $150 per day per person, and $50 per extra person if working as a team.

Coworking Office Space Sydney