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Bruce Taper

“We see the city as a mosaic, with different and diverse needs.  Big data allows us to generate a rich and unique picture of our urban fabric, driving solutions for a precinct, a city or even a region.”   Bruce Taper, Director Kinesis.

Following a career in NSW goverment as Director of Sustainability and Metropolitan Planning, Bruce Taper saw real-life data as a way to measure, predict and improve utilisation of resources across cities.  Kinesis suite of analytics software aggregates, analyses & reports disparate urban data to drive more informed and dynamic decision making.

Kinesis plays an integral role in the City’s Sustainable 2030 strategy, measuring and directing key energy and emissions projects.  It is now being applied internationally, with projects in San Francisco, Mexico City, Buonos Aries, and Toronto.

Learn how historical and live data is driving urban improvement across our city, and technology is shaping sustainable solutions for our future.

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