Practice What you Teach

Pedagogy, or the art and method of teaching, refers to the theory and approach to learning and how it influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development…
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Crisis as a catalyst for change

By: Georgina Safe The pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate almost every aspect of our lives, in particular how we work. With Victoria in its second lockdown and New South…
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The Case For Change

By Siena White. Change takes time. Change will more than likely face resistance. Change requires patience, perseverance, determination, and commitment. Looking historically at the Suffragist and Suffragette movement we can…
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Art good for health

Why Art is good for our health

The French novelist and critic Stendhal was visiting Florence in 1817 when he was overcome by the beauty of its art. “I was in a sort of ecstasy…absorbed in the…
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International Art Market

The International Art Market

Global art market sales have grown rapidly from an estimate of US$39.5 billion (AU$57 billion) in 2009 to US$64.1 billion (AU$97 billion) in 2019 (McAndrew, 2020). The US, UK and…
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Pondering Productivity

When offices closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, working from home suddenly became the new normal. Now, as the world edges towards business as usual, many of us are…
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Productivity Puzzle

The Productivity Puzzle

Macro: The Productivity Puzzle Productivity is an economic term that refers to the measurement of output per unit of input. In the UK productivity has been measured in order to…
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Theme: Productivity

Two months in, and the WFH (working-from-home) novelty is wearing off. Sure, there’s no early morning commute and no need to do your hair, but there’s also no clear rhythm,…
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The Point of Purpose

“You live as if you were destined to live forever, no thought of your frailty ever enters your head, of how much time has already gone by you take no…
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