Personal Performance

“It has been a crazy year,” says Sandy Halpin. No arguments there, but where the pandemic has left many of us left feeling depleted and uncertain, Halpin is well placed…
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Personal Guidance

As one of the most experienced and formidable women in public relations Maria Farmer knows a thing or two about powering up. Her company MFPR specialises in brand building, crisis management…
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To Endure and Evolve

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche’s words have found a life well beyond that of the German philosopher, and one that is particularly resonant during these challenging…
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resilience Nature

Resilient Nature

Animals and plants have tremendous resilience in the event of a disaster. David Attenborough’s recent documentary A Life on Earth released last month, begins with footage of the present state…
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Art of Cocooning

The Art of Cocooning

In 1987 the Los Angeles Times ran an article titled “The Essence of Cocooning: It’s a Desire for a Cozy, Perfect Environment Far From the Influences of a Madding World.”…
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domestic violence covid-19

The Shadow Pandemic

A safe home environment isn’t accessible to everyone. Globally, lockdowns and quarantines have coincided with a surge in domestic violence. The increase in domestic violence against Australian women during the…
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Practice What you Teach

Pedagogy, or the art and method of teaching, refers to the theory and approach to learning and how it influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development…
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Crisis as a catalyst for change

By: Georgina Safe The pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate almost every aspect of our lives, in particular how we work. With Victoria in its second lockdown and New South…
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The Case For Change

By Siena White. Change takes time. Change will more than likely face resistance. Change requires patience, perseverance, determination, and commitment. Looking historically at the Suffragist and Suffragette movement we can…
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