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Health, Wellbeing and Productivity at Work

New research has shown how a number of factors influence our health, wellbeing and overall productivity at work. A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business in the long-term. Staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of a business’ operating costs.  The Office Space aspires to create office environments that encourage productivity and support health and wellness at work. According to a report compiled by The World Green Building Council and supported by Lend Lease, our understanding of the health, wellbeing and productivity implications of office design is deepening, aided by advances in technology and a growing awareness amongst a small number of enlightened developers, owners and tenants. For instance, it is increasingly clear that there is a difference between office environments that are simply not harmful – i.e. the absence of ‘bad’ – and environments that positively encourage health and wellbeing, and stimulate productivity. Factors within the office environment that can affect our health at work include:

  • Indoor Air Quality – Pollutants including VOCs, CO2,  aroma, ventilation rate or fresh air, moisture content
  • Thermal comfort – Indoor air temperature, mean radiant temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, clothing, activity
  • Daylighting & lighting – Quantity, quality, glare, daylight, task type
  • Biophilia – Connections to nature, views outside
  • Noise – Background noise, privacy & interference, vibration
  • Interior layout and active design – Workstation density, task based spaces & ergonomics, breakout spaces and social features, active design
  • Look & feel – Design character & brand ethos, including colour, shape, texture & art, culture
  • Amenities & location – Access to amenities, transport, quality of public realm

Read the full report here.

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