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Introducing The Office Space Website by Nectar & Co

Our vision was to create a digital space that mirrored The Office Space in the real world: beautiful, interesting and engaged. Over the last six months we have worked closely with Nectar & Co to redesign and develop The Office Space website. We asked Nectar & Co director John Paul Wager to give us a little insight on the project.

THE OFFICE SPACE: What was the original vision for the website reimagining? How did Nectar achieve this?

JOHN PAUL WAGER: Although the brief, in terms of its purpose and content hasn’t changed massively, the vision, strategy and creative direction of the site has changed quite a bit over time. The sole purpose of the site’s re-design was to clearly communicate The Office Space as a business and  showcase the locations and services on offer – the tricky bit was distilling a large amount of information and content to differentiate physical locations and services under the umbrella brand that is The Office Space. Successfully breaking this content down through a series of meetings and UX workshops the site was designed with future growth and content top of mind. Adopting a simple editorial feel in sections of the site which change regularly; large imagery, white space and the new brand identity provided the foundations and allowed us to design a website which remains easy to use and welcoming whilst also reflecting the sophisticated, modern and creative characteristics of The Office Space.

TOS: What are some of the new features of the website?

JPW: It seems a minor thing but the biggest change is that the site is now fully responsive meaning users can access latest news and information quickly and easily. In terms of content; a new residents directory has been included to champion the businesses and brands working with The Office Space, as well as a redesigned blog and latest news section which  gathers content in a single location under the pillars of commerce, community and culture.

TOS: What did you enjoy about working on this project?

JPW: The most enjoyable part of the project has been working with The Office Space team to see their ideas and visions for the website come to life. By working with them on their brand, digital and social strategy as well as designing and building the actual website, we’ve been able to validate ideas and close the loop to create a site that has been informed by what The Office Space and its users actually want and need in the short and long term. nectarandco.com

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