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Collaborative Consumption

The notion of sharing resources in favour of the environment and cost effectiveness is certainly not a new concept. However the more recently coined ‘collaborative consumption’ refers to a conscious movement towards traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting and swapping through the use of network technologies, on a scale and in ways which were not possible before now. Collaborative consumption practices exist presently in large marketplaces based on re-using, recycling and second hand goods like Ebay, Craigslist and Gumtree. And the concept is gaining momentum in emerging sectors like car sharing, social lending, and even co-working spaces.

The idea is born out of concerns for the environment and a cost conscious society – where traditional modes of consumerism no longer fit in. The movement is allowed to thrive through the development of people to people technologies and is supported by a general resurgence of the idea of community. Collaborative consumption platforms are appealing because they are offering an alternative, community based, environmentally sound and often conveniently cheaper way of consuming. Community and care for the environment are close to the heart of The Office Space, and the concept of shared space is of course at the core of what we do as a serviced office.

We have jumped on board at Office 2010 with our subscription to GoGet Car Share available to our clients (eliminating ever present inner city parking issues and less expensive than a taxi in most cases). We look forward to the future of collaborative consumption practices in Surry Hills, in Sydney and throughout the rest of the world.

Some collaborative consumption platforms worth checking out:

  • GoGet Car Share All the benefits of a car without actually owning one. As a member you have access to a network of new cars parked locally which saves time and money.
  • Open Shed Open Shed provides Australia with a virtual community, which allows for a peer to peer renting and hiring of items between members.
  • Sharehood Sharehood aims to build joyful, sustainable and resilient communities be encouraging people to get to know their neighbours and share with them.
  • Chef Spotting A new location-based platform that lets you order fresh, homemade meals from other people cooking in your area.
  • The Awesome Foundation Providing funding for new creative ideas – awarding $1000 grants every month.
  • The Garage Sale Trail  An annual event where participants across Australia all hold a garage sale on the same day.
  • The Clothing Exchange Regular exchange events held with the idea of swapping trend based fashion items that participants no longer wear.
  • Airtasker  Airtasker connects people seeking to outsource everyday tasks and errands with trusted, reliable people who can complete those tasks.
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