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Happy 2013!

After an incredible and adventurous 2012, Office 2010 is excited to welcome in the new year! As always we are looking at introducing new and exciting services and opportunities to enrich your experience with us at Office 2010. Here is some of what’s in store: 2013 at a glance

  • NI Organics Fruit and Vegetable Boxes. Your own selection of organic goods delivered to the office every Monday. NI Organics will also be supplying the office with delicious organic fruit.
  • Communal Table Lunch. Starting this year’s cafe collaborations with The Commons on Thursday 7 February.
  • Biz Ed. Welcoming suggestions of interesting and progressive business topics for our educational evenings hosted every second month.
  • Quadrangle 2013. Our now biannual rooftop market, with installment #1 taking place Saturday 16 March in the last days of summer sun.
  • Gallery 2010. Continuing to share unique and compelling contemporary art, beginning the year with an exhibition by neo-pop artist Nigel Sense.
  • Collaborative Consumption and green practices. Office 2010 stays committed to implementing environmentally sound practices within our business and our buildings.

Plus much more to come! For more information on any of the above please get in touch – and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

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