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Any Dimension – Company Profile

Tell us a little about your business and what you do? Any Dimension is a leading specialist in 3D printing for architects, –producing on-demand, physical architectural models using the latest 3D printing technology. Where is your business heading in the future? To encourage architects and other people to take their designs from the computer to the tangible by utilising the latest 3D printing technology. Can you share any inspiring anecdotes about how the business got started? I was blown away by the technology from when I first saw it. It inspired me to start the company.In the next 10-15 years I think most people will own a 3D printer in much the same way as they own a paper printer today. What do you love about Surry Hills? Its got a great vibe full of  fun and interesting people. Where is your best spot for lunch and why?   I like the sand which place across the road.Level 6 is all right. How did you come to run your business from Office 2010? Google What’s the best thing about working from Office 2010? (Is it the location? The Infrastructure?) Great location, cool fit out and friendly professional people. What is one thing (serious or fantastic) that would improve your daily experience at Office2010? Can’t think of one.

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