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Vinum Assets – Company Profile

In a short space of time, Justin and Adam from Vinum Assets have become an integral part of our daily Office2010 dynamic.  Their charisma and Adam’s incredible home-cooked gourmet lunches never fail to gather a crowd around the upstairs kitchen bench.  But what happens outside the lunch hour?

Tell us about your business and what you do?

We are a fine wine investment broker. We advise private clients on the acquisition of fine wines for the purposes of investment and assist in the management of their portfolios.

Where is your business heading in the future?

We were founded in Hong Kong in 2007 and expanded to Sydney in 2011 to service the Australian market. Moving forward we are developing a new, dynamic online trading platform and rolling that out globally.

Can you share any inspiring anecdotes about how the business got started?

Justin had a vision a number of years ago to deliver a trading platform to the investment community that eliminated the opacity and complexity of wine investment. We’re very close to delivering that in the next couple of months which will be a world first. It’s a very exciting time for our business.

What is your number one tip for small business success?

Watch your costs!!!

What do you love about Surry Hills?

Our business is a little left field but being wine it’s immersed in heritage and the arts. Surry Hills reflects those aspects of the business for us in many ways and we love that.

Where is your best spot for lunch and why? (I assume this is Level 6 when Adam is cooking!)

Yes lunch is usually eat-in at the communal kitchen – being an obsessive cook at home I’ll usually bring food in for both Justin and I. Once or twice a week we’ll eat out – we like the eateries on Crown. Spice I Am is probably the favourite.

How did you come to run your business from Office 2010?

We wanted somewhere that was away from the sterile corporate feel of most serviced offices and Office 2010 felt immediately right.

What’s the best thing about working from Office 2010?

The staff @ 2010 are great. Super friendly and helpful. And they laugh at our jokes which helps enormously

What is one thing that would improve your daily experience at Office2010?

Adjustable desks that you can sit or stand at. Seriously. they exist and would be a boon for the physical health of most of us who work at a desk all day.

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