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Trend: Do These Things for Better Business Health

Do better business. Before you skill up or scale up, put your best foot forward with these holistic business health tips.  While yoga on Bondi Beach or a quick lap around Centennial Park might not be a reality for many of us within our busy lives – we think there are little steps you can take to improve your day-in-day-out productivity, your performance, your outlook, and all-in-all – your business. Over 2017 we’ve touched on this holistic approach to business health, and work-life health and well-being, and it really is a part of the greater work ethos of The Office Space. We believe in working hard, but we also believe that work should be mindful, stimulating, healthy, and invigorating. By incorporating these 5 tricks, we can pretty much guarantee a happier, healthier working week and better business health.

Be business mindfulEarlier this year, we were lucky enough to secure an intimate audience with Dr Saamdu Chetri – who in just over an hour inspired us to view business differently. In case you missed it, you can watch the key parts of his enthralling keynote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6AInF6X2xk

Sitting is the new smoking. You can build a quick exercise routine into your workday with our onsite Boot Camp and Fight Club workouts. You’ll break a sweat, burn calories and leave feeling great – without the gym fees and without the extra travel time.

Be social. We all know that quiet work can be the best work and that while collaboration breeds great ideas – it’s not always a wholly productive practice. That said, interacting with your peers, neighbours and other hard-working individuals throughout the week can be an effective way to discover new opportunities. Our events are designed to offer you the opportunity to network with the community of businesses at The Office Space, but also introduce you to a wider network of inspired thinkers beyond our four walls.

Pay it forward. While it might be hard to imagine how this concept might work in the world of small business – at Insight: The Business of Benefit earlier this year, Blake Beatie broke it down for us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaJtDzLKsr8

Good design. Last but not least – we believe good design propels great work and a happier working week. This way of thinking permeates our office spaces from skillfully placed lighting, through to plush furniture textures, and warmth through natural and organic elements. It’s the unstated, invisible force at play within our buildings that we believe is a part of the key to great, healthy businesses.   Want more? Stay in touch and subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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