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Theme: The War For Talent

A battle is underway within the world of business and its not (only) for customers.  Today more than ever, an organizations success intrinsically depends on how well they attract, develop, and retain talented employees.  The bad news is 85% of workers are unhappy at work. The good news is that those who engage their staff see 20% increase across productivity, sales and profitability markers (Gallup 2017).  This month we look at how to be on the winning side of the ‘War for Talent” and we can give you a hint – it’s all about people, purpose, and place.

Our THOUGHT article looks at the shifting working landscape and how this has elevated people to being the number one commercial commodity.  GUIDE gives some specific insights into acquiring and retaining top talent.  TREND will break down the 8 employer types as codified by the Myers Briggs foundation, and EQUIP gives you a chance to attend a leadership workshop by this month with the Australian Myers Briggs Company. Lastly, we bring it all home with an INSIGHT event that presents three experts across the Human Capital spectrum (from recruitment, to engagement and retention). This month is a must for anyone on either side of the employment relationship.

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