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Theme: The Future of The Workplace

Our world of work is changing. Companies are disrupting, markets are shifting, individuals rise in power and capability, and technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our existence. The workplace too is evolving and emerging as a critical cornerstone of society. A cultural nexus where ideas, transactions, connections and inspiration flow. The Office Space is building tomorrow’s workplace today. We create inspiring office and multifunctional spaces that provide an environment within which to work, to connect and to collaborate – a union of commerce, community, and culture. We are more than just a place to do business. We strive to be an essential microcosm of society that is connected, commercially savvy, culturally aware and collectively responsible. This month we open the year with an exploration on the modern workplace, how Australia is leading the change for office design around the world and a set of emerging trends and tools in the world of work in 2018. We culminate the month with our first Insight for 2018: a panel discussion with three experts representing the technology, design, and sociology elements that are shaping the context of the workplace.   Stay in touch and learn more about our upcoming events. Subscribe here

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