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Theme: Good Design Now

Good design is close to the heart of The Office Space. Thoughtful, beautiful, and original design work permeates our offices, our meeting rooms, our lounges, and our communal areas. This has been a deliberate scheme—from fit out through to furniture choice—and it is an element of our brand that has set us apart over our 13 years in operation. A visit to The Office Space is characterised by heartened senses, led by the sight, sound, touch, and feel of good design. To us, it’s the parts and pieces you either notice directly—strikingly beautiful, brilliantly intriguing—or it is the silent, softer, and seamless elements that temper your working day. In 2016, Paramount by The Office Space was named most beautiful office in the world at the World Architecture Festival, a prize that honoured the efforts of the cohort of local master designers that brought it into being. It is undoubtedly a moving place to visit and a singularly beautiful place to work. Perhaps most significant to us however, was also winning the award for design impact at the Australian Interior Design Awards (AIDA) this year. Paramount was recognised for challenging workplace conventions, through design, but also via our thoughtful services, and our curated events program. You can read the judgment here. This month, we invite you to meet a few of our friends in design. Say hi to the new guard of Australian industrial and furniture designers, who are each contributing to a broader image of Australian design. Have a coffee with The Office Space’s own design specialists Amico, or spend a Tuesday evening with some of the country’s leading and long-standing design thinkers at Insight: The Business of Design. Our design panel features founder of iconic Dinosaur Designs, Louise Olsen, as well as industrial designer David Caon, and founder of the Authentic Design Alliance, Anne Maree Sargeant. This is an Insight event not to be missed. We also take a look at the million dollar rip-off industry and ask why Australia remains to be one of the only countries not safeguarding design copyright and intellectual property. And we celebrate our AIDA-winning peers who have also created award winning and inspired interiors for Australia. Want more? Stay in touch and subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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