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Theme: Future Cities

“Urban design within a complex city can be understood as a kind of ‘urban choreography’, not a micromanagement of the form or the life of the city, but a practice of framing, shepherding, enabling and constraining.” Kim Dovey (Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Melbourne) The OECD has coined the 21st century the ‘Metropolitan Century’, predicting that, within 150 years, the urban population will have increased from less than 1 billion in 1950 to 9 billion by 2100.  In the face of exponential growth and demand on resources, how will Australian cities achieve a balance between over-regulation – which can paralyses creative expression, and under-regulation – which unleashes over-development that chokes urban life? In the build-up to World Architecture Day on October 1, we look at the macro and micro trends that are shaping our cities.  Our THOUGHT article explores how we must think and act to future-proof our cities.  INSIGHT takes a deep dive into the very nature of our city – Sydney – and how a new paradigm of ‘city fluidity’ can create a truly adaptable metropolis.  We are excited to be hosting this discussion as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival program, with 3 exceptional city thought leaders and within the architectural Paramount Recreation Club pavilion. GUIDE gives you a wrap up of  the best things to experience in this, the 12th annual Sydney Architecture Festival, and TREND casts the net wider to look at key themes that architects and planners are incorporating into their future visions. With all this looking forward, don’t forget to look back with a recap (and livestream video) of our sell-out August Insight event on Social Strategies.  And also take time to look within, as the Paramount Recreation Club launches its first MENTAL AS ANYTHING mindfulness festival in the first week of September.  Our EQUIP offer gives you 20% off two essential Tom Cronin workshops on Mindful Leadership and Beginners Meditation.

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