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Theme: Communication in the 21st Century

In today’s highly-competitive, omnichannel, rapidly-evolving marketplace, how do you stand out from the crowd?  Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at New York City advertising agency  J. Walter Thompson recently said: “Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” To survive and thrive, brands must find new ways to cut through the noise to connect with their audiences. But in 2018, it’s less about commanding attention and eyeballs, and more about value adding. The Information Age is one of enlightenment—and it should be for brands too. What does building brand trust mean in the age of fake news and Cambridge Analytica-type scandals? It’s a time when nimble, forward-thinking businesses are able to tap into the pulse of their audience in more connected, credible ways. Brands can be a part of their audience’s voice and their day-to-day and meet them where they are, as opposed to hovering above, crooning for attention in a crowded mass market. How do you connect with the heartbeat of your audience? In this month’s two-part Thought piece, we first reveal the new rules of communicating with cut through. Now, it’s less about selling the ultimate dream, and more involved with knowing the playing field—your audience, your value, your culture, and your competition. Once you have the foundations down pat, part two describes the 5 C’s vital to every campaign. For further insight—we’ve gathered three gurus across marketing, communications, and strategic design to reveal the critical components for defining your message, engaging your tribe, remaining relevant, and connecting across multiple touch points. Insight by The Office Space this month will feature Lorraine Jokovic, CEO of Communications Group Loud Communications, Robyn Wakefield, Director of Strategy, Strategic Design Firm Walter Wakefield, and Simon Wales, Client Services Director, Brand Experience Agency Scribble and Think. Get your tickets here. If you are in need of inspiration, we’ve unearthed five brilliant advertising campaigns that hit the mark in recent years. From Nike to Adidas, Heineken and Holden, these are the brands that got humorous, political, confronting, nostalgic, and emotional just so. Stay in touch, and learn about our upcoming events. Subscribe here.

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