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Theme: 21st Century Travel

As the southern hemisphere shivers through another winter, our social media feeds remind us that the other half of this planet is basking in a glorious summer.  So, we’ve embraced the adage that ‘the grass is always greener’ (and the sun is always brighter) and are dreaming of exotic locales as we look at the multibillion-dollar travel industry this month.

Firstly, in THOUGHT, we look at the phenomena of travel and what is influencing how, when, where and why we grab our passport and set out for new frontiers.  In PROFILE we speak with Julie King, who helms a highly successful hospitality and tourism consultancy, about the secrets of her success in in both hospitality and tourism sectors.

GUIDE takes you through 5 travel blogs to have on your radar, and TREND delivers the top 5 experience-based locations to put on your bucket list (courtesy of a guest contributor who’s seen a good deal of the globe).  It’s not all window shopping though, our friends at Paramount House Hotel have a staycation offer in EQUIP that will allow you to get in on the act.

Finally, INSIGHT brings together three travel mavericks to make it their business to find the best travel experiences our planet has on offer. We hope you will enjoy this trip around the world with us, minus the jet lag!

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