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Theme: 2020 Leadership

In the twenty-first century, more than ever before, effective leadership is about serving others.”  James Strock, author of “Serve to Lead: 21st Century Leaders Manual” Human history is filled with accounts of great and terrible leaders. Regardless of their approach, all leaders share an ability to galvanise and lead a group, a campaign, a movement, or even a nation towards a shared goal or ideology.

Unlike earlier centuries where leadership largely sat within a political or social context, today’s business environment delivers the opportunity – and the necessity – for leadership within every company and team. Previously, this leadership coaching has focused on strong aptitudes and attitudes that constitute a leader. Recently, however, a very different kind of leader has emerged that demonstrates a subtle, yet significant, shift in the leadership styles.

In THOUGHT we look at how our shifting economic and social values demand a new style of leader that exhibits empathy and compassion. In PROFILE we speak with founder of ‘If We Ran The World’ Cindy Gallup on leadership, mentorship and why so many incompetent men become leaders. Our TREND article reviews the 5 main types of leadership styles, and GUIDE takes a deeper look at what constitutes Transformational Leadership (and who doesn’t make the cut). We finish the month and our 2019 INSIGHT program with three highly experienced leaders to share what constitutes true leadership in 2020. Don’t fail to catch our excellent Innovate & Accelerate INSIGHT RECAP last month.   Lead on!

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