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Service: BrightHand

The Office Space is pleased to announce its latest offering: formal PA services – both physical and virtual. We have partnered with Virtual Client Charlotte Quinlivan and her Virtual Assistance business BrightHand to offer a comprehensive suite of personal and professional tasks that can be managed through your Office Space account. The Office Space reception desks are still your first port of call for any requests and enquiries, however, we are now bolstered by a team of BrightHand Virtual Assistants to offer highly scalable, accountable, dedicated and managed professional services. This means you can access on-demand and ‘pay-as-you-go’ professional services such as data entry, reporting, book keeping and research projects. You can dial up your level of organisational support for events, business trips and special projects, or you can access support for lifestyle ‘to-do’s’ such as travel arrangements, moving house, or even finding a babysitter. Services include:

  • Administration
  • Diary management
  • Email management
  • Events
  • Travel
  • Book keeping
  • Lifestyle

Rates: Your administrative tasks requiring less than 5 minutes are complementary and will be executed by our reception and concierge teams. Tasks requiring up to an hour will be charged at $5 per 5 minute block and will be completed by your reception/concierge team. For more involved tasks that require at least an hour or demand dedicated, ongoing or managed services, BrightHand’s owner, Charlotte, will take a client brief, set up a project and oversee the execution of your request. The brief will be executed by The Office Space reception team or one of BrightHand’s pool of Virtual Assistants (VA’s), depending on the needs of each request. Services are charged at $70+GST per hour which includes Charlotte’s management and the VA services. Process: For your requests we encourage you to continue to contact the reception team at [email protected] (8218 2180) at Paramount and [email protected] (8218 2100) at Reservoir Alternatively, for larger tasks you can directly lodge your request via the Business Services form on the client intranet. Please contact reception if you require assistance accessing the intranet or for further information on our suite of PA services.

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