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Equip: The Future Laboratory

The Future Laboratory is back in Australia early 2017 to dispatch its latest round of Trend Briefings and Futures Forums in Melbourne. The world-renowned, globe-trotting consultancy company based in London blends trend forecasting with insights to help brands (and entrepreneurs) stay ahead of the curve when faced with an ever-changing tide of consumer behaviour. Its Trend Briefing events explore the key macro trends and consumer insights set to have an impact on your business in the future. Hosted in London, New York, Stockholm, Melbourne and Sydney, they are designed to inspire, inform and present you with actionable case studies and ready-to-ship solutions. The Future Forums are sector-specific explorations of the key trends affecting the consumer mindset over the next 3–5 years that will provide you with an essential guide to the emerging industry landscape. These reports relate to the retail, beauty, food, drink, luxury and technology sectors and are brought to life in a series of intimate briefings, delivered by the Future Laboratory’s global team of analysts, experts, researchers and visual editors together with expert guest speakers.

The 2017 Australian Schedule: MELBOURNE Wednesday 22nd February – Trend Briefing – presentation of Macro Trends, Consumer Insights & Behaviours; Deakin Edge, Federation Square The Trend Briefing will focus on this Dislocated World, and how mindsets, behaviours, organisations and cultures are shifting from ‘proper place and position,’ causing wide and deep pain for clients. The problem with the middle class is there because the class system is breaking down; the problem with the rejection of marketing is because the broadcasting system has broken down; the rise in political anger and activism has taken place because the political system has broken down. Disruption has happened. But in some ways we’re still waiting for new innovation to come and replace the old. There’s a vacuum. A hideous gap between old system (lost) and new (not yet found). Brexit is a prime example. We know what’s broken and what we don’t want, but we find it hard to design what we do want, what’s the right new…? Clients repeatedly tell us that for all of the new trends rising and change taking place, they are lost and have no strategy that is worth authoring. They’re either too big or too small to pivot, to be trusted, to be human, to focus; to think, to make a real difference; to attract, retain and grow anything or anyone. And yet the tsunami of change continues to grow to insurmountable proportions (Trump, ISIS, Brexit, Gen Z entering, middle class revolting, anger and stress rising, Babyboomers leaving, internet wars generational wars, anti-everything ensuing, polarisation rising, billions self actualising etc.).

Thursday 23rd February – Food & Drink Futures Forum; NGV Clemenger Hall Auditorium It will include a global market overview, conversations with a local panel of food & drink experts, a trends rising presentation and innovation presentation plus toolkits and conclusions. In essence, it will explore “Gastronomy Fetish” and “Delivery-only Dining” through to “Regenerative Consumption” and “Countertop Connoisseurs.” For more information visit here. All above will be presented and hosted by The Future laboratory’s co-founders Chris Sanderson & Martin Raymond. Please find their bio’s as follows: Chris Sanderson Martin Raymond

The Offer to all The Office Space residents and virtual clientele: purchase early bird tickets at discounted prices for a limited time only Trend Briefing Costs: Innovator: $800 until 2 November 2016 Early Adopter: $1000 until 15 December 2016 Late Adopter: $1200 thereafter SPECIAL OFFER: 25% discount to early bird Innovator ticket purchasers making tickets $600 instead of $800 prior to the 11th November 2016. Forums Costs: Innovator: $1000 until 2 November 2016 Early Adopter: $1200 until 15 December 2016 Late Adopter: $1500 thereafter SPECIAL OFFER: 25% discount to early bird Innovator ticket purchasers making tickets $750 instead of $1000 if booked prior to the 11th November 2016. How to purchase tickets: please email Dimity Noble no later than 11th November 2016. Tickets will be purchased collectively by The Office Space and you will be invoiced accordingly.

thefuturelaboratory.com For more specific information on The Future Laboratory events in general please contact [email protected]

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