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KOJO – Company Profile

The Office Space: Tell us a little about KOJO, and what the company does?

KOJO business development manager, Stephen Horsely: KOJO is a brand storytelling company. Together with our partners, KOJO explores and embraces new forms of connection and collaboration to create stories that connect. And we’ve been doing just that in over 20 countries for the past 23 years. KOJO have storytellers, designers, filmmakers, VFX artists, event creators and creative technologists and digital producers developing brand stories on a daily basis. We create and deliver across multiple mediums and multiple platforms including: motion pictures and television, live events and digital media.  This potent mix enables us to tell brand’s story like no other. The three pillars of service are built around: film & visual content, digital and live events. KOJO are an Australian company who has earned an international reputation as creators of high quality solutions across a unique range of contemporary media. Our teams are as comfortable working with Directors in Hollywood as they with Corporate Brand Managers in Sydney. Our goal is simply to help people and companies become better storytellers. This is an approach that has become more relevant as the ‘Opt-in’ media age where companies are now searching for more engaging ways to connect with people.

TOS: What’s different, or interesting about Kojo’s approach to brand stories?

SH: The marketing space is massively competitive and the media environment, extremely dynamic. Consequently, the ability to have a significant creative edge that can be backed up with a unique multi-channel solution is everything. We seriously cannot underestimate the power of a great story. It is our ability to understand the narrative and importance of the story and how people want to engage and interact that really sets KOJO apart. The brand conversation today is very complex. With the number channel applications available to potential audiences, ‘one-size’ no longer ‘fits all’.  To be successful, you need a deeper understanding of your audiences as well as the knowledge of how to apply messaging effectively across many media channels. This is where traditional (A-T-L focused) marketing agencies can loose their way – many having to outsource critical components of the process. That ‘disconnect’ is where messaging begins to loose its impact – much like ‘Chinese whispers’. Being able to seamlessly integrate strong messaging across a wide variety of media is a huge advantage in today’s fast moving media landscape. Consequently, we now find ourselves working in equally wide-range environments from: sport stadiums and corporate boardrooms to Hollywood theatre screens, product launches… and even on your iPad! When you have usual skills sets such as experienced: scriptwriters, creative directors, technicians and strategists and producers all under one roof – that helps and closes many gaps. That really signifies our key points of difference in brand marketing.

TOS: Can you tell us about some of the events Kojo has produced?

SH: KOJO are quite diverse in this space. We tend to work at the higher end of the market with most live events being executed at the C-Suite level. We works with Westpac, BHP, Lend Lease, Mercedes Benz, Holden, SA Government, Royal College of Surgeons and many others leading brands. Event types range from flashy car launches to AGMs, brand launches, large conferences all the way the cleverly themed Christmas Parties (albeit for 1,500 people!). One or our real strengths are in ‘Digital or Hybrid’ events – combination of ‘Live’ and ‘On-line broadcast’. KOJO are leading the way in this space – as there is no disconnect between the technology and the live component. When running something like an AGM for a Top 50 company, you can’t afford any errors. With the Digital-Age users now demanding the same level of engagement from both the live AND virtual environment. In this regard it is tough space to get right. I could write pages on this one point… suffice to say, that KOJO are happy as piglets in mud in this world.

TOS: What’s next for the company?

SH: I’m speaking from a slightly bias perspective as someone whose job it is to grow the business – but I genuinely believe that KOJO are moving into an exciting age. Our contemporary offering in live and experiential media is very timely. It comes at a time where old-school (as in pre-2009!) above-the-line marketing has been replaced by user-driven opt-in media. The pendulum of power has shifted squarely into the hands of consumers (you and I). Companies who can innovate with highly engaging media content will be the winners in this new age. I believe KOJO is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of this era. So we see incredible opportunities in sport, corporate, entertainment vertical and many other vertical markets. So the sky is limit I guess… TOS: Your favourite place in Surry Hills for an after work drink?

SH: The underground bar at Long Grain is a personal fav.

TOS: Lastly – What do you like about working from The Office Space?

SH: The people. The Office Space staff are excellent, always upbeat and willing to help. That positive attitude, I believe, helps promote a positive culture between all the businesses that operate here. I also appreciate the effort that has gone into styling the layout. The look and feel of each shared floor, make it nice place to come into work each day. A lot a places you work in focus too much on the functional aspects needed to get the job done – and as a result, look like more of a warehouse than somewhere you’d like to walk into each day. Not here. I really like that. *Image of KOJO’s Inspiration Corridor, a digital walk in wardrobe complete with sensors and touch screens that utilizes facial and body recognition, as well as purchase histories, to suggest  items to consumers and help locate them.  kojo.com.au

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