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Call Dave – Company Profile

The Office Space: Tell us a little about Call Dave and what the company does?

Call Dave director, Dave Johnson: Essentially we provide talent solutions for highly desirable youth brands

TOS: You guys seem to take a really fresh approach to HR and recruitment. What would you say is different about your approach?

DJ: I think firstly we are approachable and we forge strong relationships with both our clients and out candidates. Our business operates on word of mouth, we rarely do business development and so far this organic approach has worked for us.

TOS: Do you think social media and social recruiting strategies enhance the chance of finding the right people? Or conversely, the perfect job? And has this really changed the industry?

DJ: Great questions. I think social media has made it easier to identify potential talent, but i believe it’s made recruiting great talent actually harder. The same goes for people finding the perfect job, social media may help to identify your dream job quicker and more often, but social media is for the masses and it identifies great talent and great jobs for everyone. This means that competition has substantially increased and whilst identifying potential staff maybe a click away, actually employing them might not be so easy.

TOS: What’s next for Call Dave?

DJ: Our plan for the business is to continue to grow our recruitment offer and also to broaden our scope by providing external HR services to SME’s. This could range from Job descriptions and employment contracts through to organisational planning, talent attraction / retention programs and bigger picture stuff, like strategic HR.

TOS: Where is the best place in Surry Hills for an after work drink?

DJ: Depends on the occasion, i have a soft spot for the pub across the road (The Royal Albert), it’s a good spot for a couple of sundowners. I’m also a fan of The Winery, especially in summer with a larger group. Look out!

TOS: Lastly – what do you enjoy most about working out of The Office Space?

DJ: I like the atmosphere and the interaction with other businesses. Everyone is pretty friendly and open about sharing of ideas or giving feedback. I often find that the problems I have in my business are similar to other business owners. It’s good to be able to bounce ideas and problems off other people who are often experiencing the same thing. calldave.com.au

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