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In Residence: The Royals

Reservoir by The Office Space has been home to Melbourne based independent creative agency The Royals while they have set up and locked down their Sydney stable. Following a very successful year, the company is now preparing to move into a larger permanent office. We caught up with director Dan Beaumont to learn a little more about The Royals: the most interested agency in the world.

THE OFFICE SPACE: Tell us a little about The Royals and what the company does?

DAN BEAUMONT: The Royals are a creative company focussed on providing clients with digitally integrated ideas. We aim to connect brands to the right audience via the right message and media. We are positioned between mainstream agencies who don’t understand digital technology and digital agencies who aren’t proficient with brand strategy and core brand concepts.

TOS: What’s different or interesting about The Royals approach to marketing?

DB: The Royals are thinkers and tinkerers, creatives and coders, hustlers and hackers. We’re genuinely curious and interested in our clients business and products, consumer behaviour, pop culture and technology. This means that our ideas are grounded in real insights, the truth, the right strategy, in order to resonate powerfully with people.

TOS: Can you tell us about some of projects that The Royals has produced or worked on?

DB: Recently we have given consumers the chance to smashed 10 perfectly good guitars on stage for Bulldog Gin. We’ve played a big game of ‘Catch the Travel Bug’ to launch Traveller.com.au for Fairfax. Positioned The Sydney Morning Herald as an Independent publisher of the truth. Created a working time-machine for Intel to rewind post purchase regret (we actually couldn’t get the time machine to work so we create a 60sec ad instead). We are currently working on a few big project with our clients Fairfax, Google, Campari and The Children’s Cancer Institute.

TOS: What’s next for the company?

DB: We’re moving in to a new office in a few weeks. It’s been a side-project for almost 6 months as we’ve tried to find the right space and design it around the way we want to work. This will be a big move for The Royals and one that should prepare us for a lot growth in the next few years. We won’t be too far away [from The Office Space] – Waterloo St, Surry Hills. So please drop by for a game of Pac Man and/or Ping Pong over coffee or a cocktail.

TOS: What is your favourite place in Surry Hills for an after work drink?

DB: Definitely The Royal Albert Hotel across the road. The crinkle-cut chips (with chilli sauce) are amazing and the craft beer is perfect for quenching the hard-earned thirst that advertising can generate.

TOS: Lastly, what is your favourite thing about working at The Office Space? What will you miss the most when you move out to your new space?

DB: The Office Space has been an incredible place to start a business from scratch. It’s given us the chance to immediately focus on growing the business and doing great work for our clients, without the headache of all those administrative things that running an office can give you. We will definitely miss the high-pitched screams from reception. I mean this sincerely. It’s this energy and charisma that makes creative offices tick. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the businesses on Level 6 for putting up with The Royals commandeering the public space, especially the red couches. We’ve been loud and frantic over the last 12 months and you haven’t complained once. Good luck to all the other business owners in the building and thanks for having us. theroyals.com.au

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