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In Residence: OrderMate

TOS: Can you tell us a little bit about OrderMate and what your company does?
OrderMate: OrderMate is a Hospitality Software company.  With over 40 team members, we provide an end to end solution including hardware, software and services to the hospitality industry. Our Head office is based in Melbourne and since joining The Office Space, we now have a Sydney team! The Sydney team consists of Leigh Richardson (National Sales Manager), Suzy Jordan–Salem (Business Development Manager) and Marc Tannagan (Technical Officer and Account Manager).

We offer hospitality businesses a solution that essentially drives their business. From the simple day to day operations such as processing orders and transactions, stock management through to fully comprehensive back of house reporting. We service over 2500 hospitality businesses, and are proud to boast that we work with venues such as Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Ceru, Billy Kwong, Salt Meats Cheese, Lucio’s Pizzeria, The Unicorn Hotel, Mary’s Burgers, Belle’s Hot Chicken, Simonds Stadium, The European, Gradi @ Crown Casino, and many more!

How has OrderMate grown and transformed over the years with regards to changes in both the technological and hospitality industry?
From a humble beginning, like all true tech start ups in the 90’s, OrderMate was born out of an idea, and a dream to do things differently. We have grown in leaps and bounds over the 15 years of operation – both in company size and overall development breadth. Modern Point of Sale is no longer just about the ‘cash register’, playing a part in all aspects of the business from stock ordering, staff rostering, reservations, accounting and more. Over the years as technology has advanced and the demands of our operators has shifted we have been able to offer a range of products that work to enhance the overall Point of Sale solution.

Some examples would be: Handheld devices used at the table to take orders instead of pen and paper. Specifically, suitable for fast paced table service operations who want to enhance the overall efficiency of their staff on the floor whilst simultaneously ensuring there is no communication breakdown from the customer to the kitchen or bar. Accessing reports on the go.

In 2014 we developed a cloud based app called Control Centre which enables operators to see their live sales data on their smartphones. It’s imperative for venue owners and operators who don’t intend to stay in the business 24/7 but want to keep their finger on the pulse. Hospitality related applications for food delivery, online ordering and web reservations have flooded the market in recent years. The needs of the engaged and tech savvy diner have changed dramatically, and our technology has evolved with them. Applications and partners such as Dimmi, Menulog, Tyro, Zuus, and many more play a part in shaping and revolutionising how Hospitality operators run their business. OrderMate focus strongly on integration with these types of services and this has allowed us to grow into a much broader market, and consider not just the owner/operators, but the consumers as key to our ongoing expansion.

How important is user interface and ease of use to your customers?
Very important. Our solution is used by all staff from top owner operators all the way down to the entry level role of a junior waiter or waitress. Staff turnover within hospitality is exceptionally high, so training new staff in some venues is a daily chore. We have developed a solution that has an intuitive layout and enables staff to quickly hit the ground running.

What does the future hold for OrderMate? Any plans for global expansion?
Absolutely. Not many people know, but our 6th ever Order Mate customer was actually overseas. We have commenced expansion into the UAE, deploying several new sites in Dubai with great success over the last 2 years. The USA and UK are also markets that we will look to in future.

Since you are located in Surry Hills and you are in the hospitality industry, what are some of your favourite restaurants and cafes?
We love Single Origin Roasters, Reuben Hills, Paramount Coffee (of course!), Doughboy’s Pizza and Mad Pizza (both Darlinghurst and Surry Hills) are OrderMaters so we love going there too!

How has being a client of The Office Space assisted in setting up your Sydney office?
The team at The Office Space have proven from day one that hospitality truly exists outside the four walls of a restaurant or café. The professionalism of the staff combined with the incredible design adds a level of ‘polish’ to our brand that we haven’t previously experienced.  It’s great for us to invite celebrity chefs or industry greats into our office and be able to offer them great coffee (or Whiskey!) in a really inspiring space. Thank you team Office Space! We love being here.

For more information on OrderMate, visit their website: http://www.ordermate.com.au/

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