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TABLE by The Office Space: Spice I am

The Winter chills are fast approaching, so at this month’s Table we’re serving authentic Hawker-style Thai to our Paramount and Reservoir office residents. We guarantee that your tastebuds at least will get a warm blast at lunchtime! Since opening on Wentworth Avenue in 2004, Spice I Am has built its reputation on authentic dishes packed with powerful chunks of galangal, lemongrass and a fiery amount of chilli. It’s a cheap ‘n’ cheery Sydney institution and that’s why’s we’ve added this bolt-hole to our soon-to-be released Guide by The Office Space – a discerning cut of our favourite places to eat, drink and experience in Surry Hills. On Friday 20th May at 12.30 we’re serving up a communal lunch at Reservoir in the Level 6 Boardroom and an ‘at your desk’ plated lunch service at our Paramount office. Office residents, we’ll send you a menu so you can place your orders closer to the date. The reception team at both locations will be in touch via email to make sure you don’t miss out. What: Table by The Office Space When: 12.30PM, 20th May Where: The Office Space branches: Reservoir and Paramount Cover Image: Time Out Icon Image: Spice I Am  

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