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Equip: Learn agile practices from 3wks

The arrival of the Agile Manifesto at the beginning of the 21st century heralded a new era of moving faster and being more nimble, of cutting down waste and maximising outcomes. ‘Agile’ practice is no longer solely confided to the software development industry – it is reshaping how our homes, hospitals and workplaces and social spaces operate. If you are involved in managing or running projects, you will benefit from the wisdom and insights from one of Australia’s most exciting digital innovation companies, 3wks, and their latest book Beyond Agile.

  • Andrew Walker founded 3wks in 2012 after 15 years building cloud and internet solutions in the enterprise using agile practices. He developed the 3wks “Beyond Agile” methodology with guilds on his experiences in XP, Scrum, Lean and Kanban across 30+ programs.
  • Paul Scott came on-board as 3wks CEO after a 25-year career in management consulting that has seen him work across the UK, USA, Middle East, Africa, India and now Australia.
  • As 3wks, Andrew, Paul and their team of digital developers and project managers are focused on effective and efficient software development to get to the real outcomes of creating exceptional client outcomes and customer experiences. Pronto!

What: 20% discount on copies of Beyond Agile for the month of October (RRP $25, TOS price $20)

Terms: Limit of 2 per person

Contact: Copies at reception and we can add to your monthly account

Bonus: Personally signed by Paul and Andrew

*For a chance to meet the authors, and pick up a signed copy of “Beyond Agile”, please join us for a relaxed ‘innovators drinks’ at Level 5, 69 Reservoir street, on Friday 27th October, from 4pm – 4:45pm. RSVP NOW

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