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Coworking by The Office Space

Officially acknowledged as the world’s best-designed workplace at the prestigious 2016 World Architecture Festival (WAF) INSIDE Awards, Paramount by The Office Space is now offering coworking opportunities within its two stunning Surry Hills locations. This is coworking, but not as you know it.

Elevating the experience of our time in the office has always been the mandate of The Office Space. Founded in 2003 by husband and wife creative duo Boris and Naomi Tosic, The Office Space broke the mould of corporate serviced office working by delivering high-end creative working environments.

Today, it remains a refined alternative the profusion of casual coworking options, by holding strong to its foundational brand DNA. The Office Space combines iconic designer furniture, a curated selection of Australian and international contemporary artworks, and state-of-the art technical equipment embody the prestige of a corporate office whilst possessing all the comforts of well-appointed living spaces and boutique hotels.

And, in an era of self-serve and digital transactions, The Office Space concierge team provide an attentive human interface that delivers a suite of front-of-house services such as call answering, guest welcomes, catering, special request, and PA services. Now, The Office Space is adding co-working to their suite of services, as the breakout working trend of this decade starts to mature. Learn more about coworking and prices per day here. Says co-founder Naomi Tosic, “We’ve deliberately held off on describing our multi-award winning offices as a coworking because the word has long been associated with a ‘frat-house’ style of office specifically catering for millennials. Now we believe there is enough understanding in the marketplace that ‘coworking’ describes the model of shared working rather than a prescription of ping pong tables, AstroTurf, and free beer. Essentially, we offer ‘sophisticated coworking’ that is appealing those businesses where a design-led work environment reflects their personal values, is a strategy in brand positioning, or both “Essentially, we offer ‘sophisticated coworking’ that is appealing those businesses where a design-led work environment reflects their personal values, is a strategy in brand positioning, or both.” Last year in Berlin, Germany, the WAF International jury agreed, stating that the project was a “paradigm shift for coworking [which] achieved a high-quality outcome rarely seen before” and “represented the highest creative and design excellence and contributed to changing the face of global interiors”. This was echoed by the Australian jury at the Australian Interior Design Awards where The Office Space was honoured under the prestigious “Design Impact” category: “… The Office Space provides serviced offices that feel like home for professionals who appreciate good design. The project lives up to its name as an exemplar of the kind of private nest that knowledge workers dream about.” With an estimated 1.2 million people working in coworking spaces by the end of 2017, and 40% of the workforce expected to consist of freelancers, temps, independent contractors, solo-preneurs and other remote workers and by 2020, coworking is one of the largest business trends of the decade. With such numbers, it follows that the coworking industry must also offer diversity, catering for those outside the coveted millennial demographic and for those millennials who value a more sophisticated and focused work environment. Explains Tosic, “The Office Space is suited for successful business operators seeking both a quiet and private place to work and meet.  Whether that is company figureheads seeking a breakaway office, CEO’s completing side projects and executives who sit on boards, and is something the share office market has not, until now, managed to deliver. Our beautiful working spaces and impeccable business support services elevate our client’s working day, delivering an unmatched work experience.” Learn more about coworking and prices per day here. Book a viewing here. 

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