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Equip: Design Thinking

Amico, by the same team at The Eatery, is a boutique design agency, delivering modern and considered design solutions to a wide range of clientele.  The studio offers a full creative service within branding, digital, environmental, and print design. Amico means “friend” in Italian and it describes the collaboration approach graphic designers and brand strategists Mel and Drew take when working with their clients. Amico believes the best brands are built from a great relationship between client and agency; forming a true creative partnership. You have already seen Amico’s work as they are The Office Space’s own design and brand custodian. We go to Amico for everything from brand collateral and presentation documents, to our welcome packs, and monthly newsletter design. Paramount residents Mel and Drew would love to have a chat (over a coffee) to provide feedback and recommendations on your brand or any upcoming projects, as well as a residents-only offer of 10% off their services.

What: In the Month of August, you can receive 10% off Amico’s design services. How: Email Mel at [email protected] to arrange a time to discuss your design needs. Hurry! This offer is only valid to redeem in August. Want more? Stay in touch and subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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