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Equip: Abacus Solutions

In a single generation, the world of accounting has transitioned dramatically.  It has moved from shoe boxes of receipts, copious paper trails, and clunky accounting software, to cloud-based and user-friendly systems that allows business operators to manage many of their basic bookkeeping and reporting functions.  As a result, accountants can work remotely and more efficiently, freeing them up to provide a myriad of addition services and strategies to reduce tax and increase business efficiencies. Reservoir client Abacus is a practice that prides itself on a modern team and a modern approach to bookeeping and tax solutions. General manager Belinda Weng is a registered Tax Agent, CPA of Australia and US, and expert in XERO and MYOB.  With her team of bookkeepers Abacus provide comprehensive financial services including:

  • Traditional bookkeeping and taxation services;
  • Self-managed superannuation fund services;
  • Small business set-up;
  • Risk-mitigating strategies to reduce tax penalties
  • Maximised tax rebates

As our Equip offer this month, Belinda is offering free consultations to get to know you, understand your business needs, and determine tactics to support your business.  She is also offering an incentive program where you and the company you refer both receive 10% discount over 12 months.

What: 1 hr Consultation with Abacus Managing Director Belinda Weng, and an incentive program with 10% discount for you and another business over a 12 month term

When: For the month of November

Cost: Free

How: contact Belinda on [email protected] or 0437 685 864, or pop up to Level 3, Office 2 and say hello!   We also asked Belinda what its like to work with a team of varying ages:

I am the 40s and my colleagues are 20s and 30s. I did feel some differences with our value of the world and the attitude of life. The positive part is obviously they are more positive, creative, willing to take risks (as they are young and they have little to lose). They want to prove themselves in every way and in every area, including in jobs, personal life, social relationships etc. They want to prove that they are advanced, standing on the top; even if they haven’t really been there, they are already very proud of themselves and super confident. 
Most of the young generations I knew are very efficient, hate wasting time or doing something they believe without achievements. In our working relationships, I did feel sometimes a bit hard to persuade them to believe what I am trying to do is wise – but that’s why I have them around me as I need a challenging eye and questioning mind to show me different possibilities of what I am trying to do. Although sometimes I feel hard in communications I do appreciate their fresh brains. In those ways, the younger generations show their value to the business and society. 
I must say that the young generations keep ethics level very high! They didn’t lose traditional ethical values and they love to stay with them as part of social rules.  I did realise that the younger generations are more personal focused. They have more concerns about their personal life instead of public interest. They are doing great things, like volunteering, donations; they love talking about the environment and hot topics. 
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