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Your Office Environment

Aside from the natural world, our environment is made up of the space and elements that surround us. We are all the product of our own environment, and our environment has the power to shape and drive the way we work. This is a concept close to the heart of The Office Space, as we believe the space around us should work to catapult us toward success, not prevent us from travelling forward. We see it in the finer details, in careful design, in having services charged for productivity at your finger tips, networks and new business relationships within reach. In inspiration, in cultural pursuits, in creativity and real world community. A carefully curated environment outfitted for success. More specifically – here are five office elements woven in to the fabric of The Office Space that we feel help charge you and your business for success:

1. Design Whether or not you know Eames from Brauer, or you consider yourself to be a design connoisseur – there is an unmistakable and marked distinction between thoughtfully designed spaces, and those with less attention spared to aesthetics. Good design can be both inspiring and soothing – from the chairs we sit on to the arrangement of our desk.

2. Services Having a range of services at your fingertips allows you to focus. From the security of consistent and fast internet to the ability to confidently delegate administrative tasks, tailored office services offer a certain peace of mind.

3. Community Whether you work better completely closed off from the noise and bustle, or if you are most proficient amongst the chatter of other brilliant minds – we have come to learn how important the human element is to our sense of place and productivity. From social connections through to professional, whether we are all in or occasionally on the side lines, real world interaction in your work environment is vital.

4. Greenery Greenery in the office helps to absorb unhealthy toxins from all the hardware surrounding you by replacing it with pure oxygen. While this may be a well practiced idea, studies have proven that plants increase productivity, and we agree. As for which plant is most efficient at air humidifying? NASA research has labelled the areca palm, the lady palm or the bamboo palm for top office plants.

5. Art and Culture Alongside good design, art and culture inspire us at work. More than aesthetics and functionality however, art can ask us to think differently and even work to affect our own creative fire.

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