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Ultimate Cocooning Guide

In nature, a cocoon is a protective casing, usually made of silk. It protects the larval insect (no reference to a covid-induced slug-state) from the elements and enable it to undergo metamorphosis and emerge as a beautiful new creature.

We’ve taken our cues from nature to create our ultimate cocooning guide so you will be snug as a bug in a rug until it’s safe to come out into the world.


It looks a little (okay, a lot) funny but this bulbous hooded ‘pillow’ might be the perfect partner for long distance travel (when permitted), or even just grabbing 40 winks at your desk or park bench.  Described as a “cocoon-like pillow that helps block out light, and provide absolute comfort to disconnect from the world” it has garnered rave reviews from numerous happy customers and, at US$100, is worth every penny to increase your capacity to snooze on demand.

You are likely to attract strange stares from passers-by, but you will presumably be unrecognisable and unperturbed as you disconnect and drift into relaxation mode.



Hella Jongerius is a Dutch industrial designer whose work covers a versatile spectrum including furniture, ceramics and installations. combining traditional and contemporary elements. Jongerius’ portfolio is characterised by an appreciation for colour, texture and playfulness. Her clients include Maharam, KLM Airlines, IKEA, Camper, and Vitra where she has been Art Director for colours and materials for over a decade.  First released in 2015, her Polder Sofa for Vitra has become a modern design classic, and now she has reimagined the Polder’s archetypal form with a precisely tailored duvet-like fabric cover to create the Vlinder.

Vlinder means butterfly in Dutch, and the extraordinary cover is a rich tapestry of motifs, weaves and colour that vaguely resembles a colourful butterfly with outspread wings. “A multitude of weave patterns, colours and textures flow together on the surface to form a choreographed, richly abstract composition full of density and depth.” It’s hard to imagine ever wanting to emerge from this gorgeous chrysalis.

POA – Living Edge


Founded in 2013 by stylist & entrepreneur Pip Vassett, IN BED has become a firm favourite for those looking to feather their nest with the most lush and stylish textiles. Whether sourced from one of their many stockists across the country, or from their flagship Paddington store, IN BED has every room covered with bedding, kitchen essentials, bath towels and lounge cushions and throws.  The brand has evolved into a lifestyle brand and now offers highly covetable sleepwear (that could easily pass as streetwear), beauty products and ceramics.

Whether your bed is your sacred sleeping space or now doubles as a cinema space or even dinner table, the tactile decadence of fresh linen sheets or a cashmere throw could not be lost on anyone. IN BED linen is a dream to sleep in year round; it’s light and breathable in Summer, but keeps you cozy and warm in Winter. The more it’s slept in, lived in and loved the softer and more beautiful it becomes. Getting out of bed in the morning just got even harder.



To keep you safe whilst holed up at home, UK-based tech company Cocoon has developed a sub-sonic sound detection device which uses machine learning to detect abnormal activity in a home.  According to the company, Cocoon listens when the home is empty and for the first few minutes after somebody arrives home and uses its machine learning algorithms to decide what sounds are normal and what are not (cat = normal, cat burglar = not normal). 

When you return home and Cocoon disarms automatically but continues to “listen and learn” for 15 minutes so that it gathers the same sounds generated when someone is entering your home.  It takes around 10 days to learn the normal sub-sound profile of a household. When it detects an abnormal sound Cocoon streams video to an accompanying app and alerts the owners, giving them the option to sound a siren built into the unit, call the police or a neighbour.  Rest assured, “Cocoon only pushes data to the cloud when there’s an alert or you stream live video. Everything else is stored locally in 30 second cycles, with old data continually burnt over”. That provides an extra level of assurance – physical and cyber security so you can sleep easy.




Now this is something we’d love to try.  Antigravity yoga is a revolutionary suspended yoga practice that’s changing the way the world is exercising. First developed by yoga practitioner, Broadway aerial designer and self-proclaimed “visceral physicist” Christopher Harrison, antigravity yoga provides numerous health benefits including decompressing your spinal joints and keeping your spinal discs healthy, improving joint mobility and releasing tension from tight muscles, increased circulation, core conditioning, better balance and neuroplasticity of the brain. Not to mention the comfort of curling up in the foetal position and shutting out the worries of the world.

Aerial Yoga is a fusion technique combining traditional yoga poses, pilates, dance and aerial arts each person uses a strong parachute-grade, silk or taffeta fabric suspended from the ceiling. There are now many studios and gyms across Sydney offering this high-flying version of an ancient practice, and a group session costs around $40 per person.   



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