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Theme: The Future Workplace

The ‘future of work’ and the ‘future of the workplace’ topics have been dominated by talk of automation and AI, however, the future of work isn’t about tech. It’s about people. Extraordinary advances in technology have completely deconstructed the modern workplace to put human potential first.  This paves the way for a more nuanced working landscape that is founded on deep data and cutting edge technology but designed for optimal feel and function. This month The Office Space unpacks a topic of perennial interest to us as a shared workplace operator – The Future Of Work.

Our first of two THOUGHT articles this month explores  three key ways people are increasingly being put first. Our second THOUGHT article explores a central issue that divides the workers and designers alike – open plan or closed workspaces?  This month’s PROFILE reveals Winston Churchill was ahead of his time with his agile workplace design sensibilities.  In TREND we look at 5 phenomenal temples to technology that are spectacularly future facing.  In GUIDE we highlight three Australian companies that are already adopting future workplace trends today.  And our month culminates in the first INSIGHT event for 2019, The Future Workplace with leading Architect William Smart (Smart Design Studio), organisational psychologist and workplace consultant Sarah Zerella (Schiavello International), and Design Director Dr Martin Tomitsch (The University of SydneyArchitecture, Design and Planning).

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