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Theme: Sustainable Solutions

Climate change is occurring at a rate that is far faster than anything seen in Earth’s recent history, and that it is principally due to human activity. If co-ordinated global action is not taken in the next few years to …reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050, there will be catastrophic consequences. (Peter Sainsbury, Climate and Health Alliance) While the world is making strides towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Australia is underperforming in our response to climate change overall (ranked fourth-last in the world by the The Climate Change Performance Index). The inconvenient truth is that “we’ve lost decades of action and squandered opportunities for an economic adaptation that would have preserved a decent quality of life for future Australians (Dr Paul Read, Research Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society, Monash University). Thankfully, corporate initiatives, standout sustainability ambassadors, and a groundswell of grassroots activists are embracing transformation – through knowledge, attitudes, individual behaviours and social action – to close in on the world’s 2030 sustainable future vision. Our TREND article lists the corporate crusaders motivated to demonstrate a commitment to triple bottom line business (and certainly responding to consumer demand).  Our GUIDE article lists the local hero’s making a change in theri corner of the world. And our INSIGHT panel this month highlights three people making waves for a better future.  Be sure to read our THOUGHT essay on how Australia must lift its game if we are to be a meaningful contributor to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.  And jump at the chance to own a pair of FEIT sustainable, handmade shoes with a special EQUIP offer for family and friends of The Office Space. It’s time for affirmative change at all levels.  As Earthwatch Scientist Dr Stephen Williams urges: “Stop pretending there is any serious debate and start getting on with doing something rather than political grandstanding and using climate change as a scary topic to play political games. Climate change is the most serious challenge facing the world.”

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