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What do the Parkes Telescope, the Miles Franklin Literary Award, Cochlear Implants, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Walkley Awards have in common?  These are some of the most significant philanthropic gifts to have been made in Australia. The Australian philanthropic sector has been an active contributor to many of Australia’s most effective initiatives, iconic institutions and enduring events.  And now, a new wave of philanthropists are spearheading not only stronger leadership across the sector, but are harnessing the power of technology and innovation to tackle the wicked problems of our era such as massive inequality, climate change and food security. In THOUGHT we consider the origins of modern philanthropy and how the next generation of givers are using their greater resources, power, position and prerogative to actively achieve long term social impact. In PROFILE we speak with the CEO and co-founder of School For Life Foundation Annabelle Chauncy OAM about the incredible work the foundation is doing to bring education to one of the world’s poorest countries. Our TREND article looks at the emergence of impact investment and giving circles as mechanisms to drive greater social and financial outcomes of philanthropy, and GUIDE highlights five new models for giving. Our month culminates in a stand-out INSIGHT panel of philanthropic heavy hitters: Hamish Balnaves from the Balnaves Foundation, art and environment philanthropist Clare Ainsworth Herschell, and Jane Jose from the Sydney Community Foundation.   Be sure to also check out last month’s Insight “Property Profits” recap where we talked about the mistakes property developers often make when envisaging a precinct, the hot Sydney suburbs to invest in, and how to build a multimillion dollar business (and stay married!)  

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