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Theme: On Purpose

With the usual rhythms of our lives dramatically disrupted (by COVID-19), this month we dig a little deeper into the point of purpose. What gives us meaning? Drive? Happiness? When what we once upheld as certain crumbles away, the question of ‘Why?’ comes into sharp relief.

Purpose is deeply personal; it has the power to propel someone forward to future achievements, or invite them to explore their inward landscape and master their thoughts and emotions. Whether you subscribe to the school of Simon Sinek and his wildly popular ‘Start with Why’ mandate, or even the ancient tradition of Stoicism favoured by historic icons such as Marcus Aurelius and Seneca (and modern business men such as Tim Ferriss and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey), everyone should grapple with purpose to avoid the pitfalls of a passive life.

Deep dive into this fascinating topic with Georgina Safe’s THOUGHT article exploring The Point of Purpose. Take the statistical route to enlightenment with Siena White’s CASE investigation Purpose Driven. Expand your purpose by considering how to support our local businesses in our GUIDE article highlighting 4 local initiatives worth backing in Local Heroes.

In PROFILE we enjoy a long and wonderful conversation with brand guru Sibon Shouten from Markd Global about galvanising your life and work through true purpose. Claudia Osborne gives us some fresh ways to consider the power of purpose in her SPOTLIGHT article In Pursuit of Purpose, and a sanity check for how you are taking during this time in her reassuring article Check your Purpose Pulse. So, whether you see purpose as a grand vision and life’s drive, or as a deliberate living of one’s life with meaning (or both!) we encourage you to use this time to review and revive your life goals.

Illustration by Nikifisher.org

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