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As Liza Minnelli sang in the 1960’s musical play “Cabaret”, money does seem to “make the world go round”.  In our capitalist society, running a business is unashamedly about making money.  But this is really only half the story.  The real skill lies in multiplying and retaining wealth, and also using it to better the quality of life for us and those around us.  Although this looks different for everyone, herein lies the secret to financial intelligence and, ultimately, to financial freedom. This month we look at the science and the art of making money and retaining wealth.  We tap ancient wisdom with a Thought article from the “They Richest Man in Babylon”, and look to future money with a Trend article on emerging cryptocurrencies for 2018.  We span superannuation with a Profile of Paramount client Jason Clarke, and home loans with an Equip offer and finance Guide from Divitis Finance Mortgage Brokers. We are excited to also bring you a wealth of expertise with our Insight panel featuring financial commentator and editor of Money Magazine, Effie Zahos, CEO of LocumsGroup and financial strategy expert Paul Ahearn, and alternative investments specialist and algorithm trading advisor Betty Lam of ATL Capital. Join us this month as we uncover the universal principles around money that go round the world and across time.

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