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Theme: Experience

Experience matters. Whether a noun (the knowledge or skill acquired, especially that gained in a particular profession) or a verb (an emotion, sensation, event or occurrence), embracing experience in all its forms was the dominant trend of 2019.

Inclusivity and diversity was a theme visited in both our War for Talent (May) and Leadership (Nov) topics this year. It reflects an honouring abilities earned over time, and a recognition of the value of a different experience. The experience of place underpinned our Future of the Workplace (Feb) and Property Profits (Aug) and revealed the power of place to enhance our everyday. The swapping of possessions for purposeful pursuits was considered in both our 21st Century Travel (Jul) and Philanthropy Now (Sept) as we understand that participating can be more compelling than having. The value of social connection and uniquely human skills in the face of burgeoning digitisation was considered in Innovate & Accelerate (Oct), The Film Business (Jun), and Women in Business (Feb) Continuing this final theme for 2019.

THOUGHT looks at how the notion of experience has been an undercurrent in our thought articles this year, and considers what the future of experience might look like as we move into a new decade.

TREND similarly considers the trends we have explored this year this year’s, reflects on what they reveal about where we are at as a society, and asks what are our great expectations for 2020?.

PROFILE looks at a very relevant experience as we come into the holiday season – dining out – with Longrain, Apollo and Cho Cho San rockstar restaurateur Sam Christie.

Watch our INSIGHT RECAP on November’s excellent Leadership panel, or binge watch the whole year with our INSIGHT 2019 RECAP.

Our GUIDE reviews the best experiences of Sydney Festival 2020 so get out there and enjoy this city Sydney! Lastly, we want to thank you dear reader for taking the time to open our News each month and read our articles (at at least the ones that pique your interest!).

See you in 2020.

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