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Theme: Detox and Rejuvenate

Detoxification is an ancient process that dates back as far as the Roman, Greek, Native American and Indian Cultures. In our modern life it seems there are as many ways to purify and cleanse as there are to accrue toxicity.  Traditional Ayurvedic and Hindi practices are seeing a surge in popularity, but so too are the new wave of new age and enlightened practices to help us unwind from addictive technology, household chemicals, and even bad friends.  Read more about this in our TREND article.  If you are ready to make some lifestyle changes, read our THOUGHT article to discover that willpower is out and mindfulness is the new secret weapon to overcome cravings and addictions. Be kind to your skin with a detoxifying and re-oxygenating mask from our friends at Eight Brook in our EQUIP offer.  And consider going further than a full body cleanse with a full lifestyle overhaul at the inaugural Upgrade Your Life 2019 event in Sydney this January 18-20 from our friends at A Higher Branch Success Academy. While out and about over Summer be sure to pick up our 2019 POCKET GUIDE which shares the best spots to Drink, Dine and Do in and around Surry Hills. And if you missed an Insight event this year, catch up with an INSIGHT RECAP of our 2018 program.  Full proceeds from the event go directly to the Sydney Community Foundation to support the Business Incubator program run by award-winning community leader Pat Hall.  Together we have put 30 woman through the program this year. One for every Insight event we host. Insight returns in 2019 to bring you more successful and inspiring entrepreneurs or business mavericks, and more great themes spanning commerce, design, art and technology.

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