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Theme: Design Duos

Some of the worlds greatest brands, designs, inventions, and songs were not the result of a lone genius but rather a clever coupling of two individuals – whether competing or complimentary. This month we honour the magic of a partnership – a relationship that produces more than the sum of its parts. We unpack the dynamic of the dyad, and how duality in design creates and alchemy that can truly produce gold. Read our Thought essay to learn about the science and the magic that makes a pair particularly potent, and how we can leverage these seemingly symbiotic matchings for business benefit. Our Trend article looks at some of the creative creative collaborations now and throughout history, and then we zoom in on hot creative couples in Sydney in our Guide piece.  In Profile, we talk to The Office Space founders Boris and Naomi Tosic about what makes their business parternship tick, and we have an incredible Equip discount from the super creative duo behind Studio Elke. Table this month is Lebanese street food from Zaida, also run by two friends, and we close off the month with an Insight not to be missed – sisters Alexandra and Genevieve from Ginger & Smart and identical twins Mark and Andrew from design agency Moffitt.Moffitt. So invite a friend or sibling or partner to this one.

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