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Theme: Dangerous Women

Every March, women’s business comes into sharp relief as The Office Space investigates the challenges that women face in the workplace. While the gender pay gap is still over 20%*, and women still do almost twice** the unpaid care work compared with men, we choose to focus on the strength and contribution of women in the workplace.

In Australia, women represent 50.2% of the national population, 47.4% of all employed people. “In numbers too big to ignore” that equates to nearly 5.8 million women aged 15-64 in the labour force. Women are increasingly disrupting, innovating, raising capital and raising hell to redefine the workplace landscape and the tone of our companies and communities.

Georgina Safe’s THOUGHT piece reports on the world post Weinstein conviction and finds other reasons for optimism including the many strong women with inspiring policies now leading governments and nations around the world. With the goal of social, political and environmental change, the message from young political leaders and others is to set aside gender divisions and meet in the middle to create meaningful change for all.

In CASE, Siena White’s look at the numbers around women in leadership positions in Australia versus the rest of the world is confronting. In short, we’re letting the global team down and one fact really hits home: in 2019 men named Andrew were 27% more likely to be ASX200 CEO’s than women.

PR power Maria Farmer is the subject of Naomi Tosic’s PROFILE. There’s much to learn from this straight shooter, a defiantly unapologetic champion of women in business and in life.

In GUIDE, Lisa Green shares insights from five creative local business owners. For these women, it’s definitely not business as usual.

SPOTLIGHT is a deep dive into the world of artist Stanislava Pinchuk (aka Miso). Known for her exquisite pin prick artworks on paper and the human body, Pinchuk describes her process to Naomi Tosic, and confirms what we’ve always surmised – women’s capacity for pain, reliance and patience is truly great.

In PULSE Claudia Osborne charts historic female revolts and the rallying anthems that have accompanied these lady-led protests over the years.

INSIGHT is a fierce line up of three great women agitating and activating for a better future and, just for this month, we are changing up the usual Tuesday evening format for a midday panel on the last Friday of March. Missed our first Insight for 2020? Not to worry – we have you covered with podcast, video footage and highlights reel in our INSIGHT RECAP.

Girl Power!

*Among private sector organisations with 100 or more employees, the gender pay gap for full-time annualised total remuneration is 20.8% (WGEA 2020, Data Explorer).

**Women in Australia spend 64.4% of the total work per day in unpaid care work, compared to 36.1% for men

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