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The Office Space x Farage

The Office Space’s uniqueness is drawn from a combination of our beautifully designed work spaces and bespoke services, and building upon this singularity will underpin our activities as we move into the new year. A part of this reimagining and refinement has been a close attention to our customer service standards and our resident’s everyday experience at The Office Space. Our spaces are immaculate and thoughtfully put together, and we wanted our team to match this image. The Office Space staff will now be sporting a new custom collection put together in collaboration with the designers at local label Farage. Founded in 1998 Farage has established itself for pushing the boundaries of sartorial style and craftsmanship. Built on the passions of Joe and Katy Farage, the brand has grown from its fledgling beginnings with a focus on the heritage of tailoring and handcrafted shirts into a celebrated leading Australian luxury brand. “We were really excited when The Office Space approached us to create a new wardrobe concept for their team; they have similar brand philosophy so our synergies gave the project a uniquely organic feel,” says Farage’s Kerry Greig. “We are really inspired by design, architecture and open spaces, so having the opportunity to collaborate with a brand like The Office Space became a labour of love for us.” www.farage.com.au

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