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The Office Space Guide to Vivid Ideas 2015

Vivid Ideas is hosted as a part of Sydney’s annual Vivid Festival,  making up the creative ideas exchange component of the 18-day event, which also includes artistic installations and projections with Vivid Light, and a score of music based events with Vivid Live. Tickets are now on sale – here is our selection of what not to miss in 2015.

1. Game Changer Series – Tyler Brule One of the most influential global figures in publishing and branding, Brule is the founder of Wallpaper and Monocle magazines, editor-in-chief of Monocleand columnist for the Financial Times. He’s also the founder and CEO of Winkreative, the creative agency that fashion icons, airlines and countries turn to for branding advice. With a radio station, fashion line, retail shopfronts in Tokyo, London, New York and Singapore, and a new title, The Forecast, emerging from the Monoclestable, Tyler’s global influence continues to grow.

2. REMIX Sydney – Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship REMIX Sydney is part of a series of summits taking place in leading creative capitals including London, New York and Dubai investigating the big ideas shaping the creative economy, creative cities and culture. Speakers this year include managing director of Twitter Karen Stocks, CEO of Time Out Michael Rodrigues, chief digital officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Sree Sreenivasan and the managing director of Etsy Helen Souness.

3. Quality, Velocity and Resilience – getting the best from start up culture and enterprise experience The reality of digital disruption is that every business is becoming a software business. While existing enterprises scramble to adapt, startups struggle to survive. A key session for small digital innovators and enterprise teams alike – Join a panel of industry experts from both sides of the startup/enterprise divide as they explore the realities behind building resilient IT-based businesses, where a culture of quality is the key to speed and survival.

4. Two Up Talk Series  Two Up is a completely new forum for exploring ideas. This is a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back to back lectures. The floor is then opened up to the audience for a fun and impulsive round of questioning, encouraging interaction between speakers and ideas. For this special Vivid Ideas edition, Two Up Talks brings you two experts from completely unrelated creative industries. This round will back up Megan Le Masurier on Slow Media and Chris Fox on Public Art.

5. The Start Up Revolution: The Reinvention of Business through Technology, Culture and Design Every industry you look at today is being disrupted. Some more rapidly than others. If you have a car, you’re a potential taxi driver; a spare room, a hotelier; and a spare $5,000, a bank. It’s a world where control is being handed to the people. And leading the way are startups with big ideas, smart technology and a whole heap of common sense. Join For The People and guest speakers who are successfully working with startups and established businesses of all shapes and sizes to expand the revolution.

6. The Myth of Work Life Balance in a Get-Ahead Culture The start-up community and white collar professional set prides itself on a culture of over-achievement. From applauding the 16 hour day and overnight work mission through to dinner and breakfast served with a side of meeting and networking, precious moments of downtime are dwindling to a slow trickle. Enamoured with perpetual connectivity via phones and email, and with no-one to remember the value of downtime and silence, what are we really sacrificing in the name of career?

7. Cool Hunting: How to Connect Creatively with your Consumer What makes one brand flourish while its direct competitor fails? The answer is a genuine connection between creator and consumer. As we consume more than we ever thought possible, meaningful experience overshadows anything else a brand can offer its audience. Since its inception in 2003 by co-founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten, Cool Hunting has been at the forefront of tracking creativity and consumer connection in the fields of design, technology, art, fashion and culture. Drawing upon their wealth of experience, Rubin and Orensten will discuss the levers required for cultivating creative connections with consumers and how Australian brands can utilise these to drive meaningful relationships with current and potential audiences.

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