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Table: Chat Thai

Amidst the thick of Sydney’s wet winter, even the most focused can be found daydreaming of warmer lands. And while it isn’t a ticket to Thailand, we hope that the flavours and traditions of Chat Thai might at least give us a taste of distant Summer!

Family owned and operated, Chat Thai was founded in 1989 by chef Amy Chanta. Inspired by the street and market food found in Thailand, Chanta set out to create honest, authentic Thai food from premium locally sourced ingredients.

“Thai food across the spectrum has influences from so many parts of the world; Chinese, Pan-Asian, the Indian influence in northern food, the way people use spices and the use of coconut milk,” write Chanta’s daughter, Palita. Packed with aromatics and spice (although Palita tells us the use of chilli is surprisingly modern, having only been incorporated in the last 200 years), Chat Thai’s expert kitchen, combined with the nuanced flavours of Thai cuisine, are sure to make this Table experience one to remember!

We recommend pretty much everything in this extensive and drool inducing menu, so see you at Table! Find the menu here.

What: Chat Thai
Date: Thursday 11th July, 12:30pm
RSVP and orders: Reservoir ([email protected]) and Paramount ([email protected])

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