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We are always on the look-out for what’s new and happened upon pop up cafe, Naked Indiana on Foster Street during the first bleary week back from the December/January holiday break. The food at Naked Indiana is all fresh, organic, vegetarian and/or raw inspired – think all things healthy and wholesome. Rebecca and Frank base the menu on their own seasonal selection from organic farmers’ market, Back to Eden. The menu consists of daily share plates – designed for 1 or 2. Share plates include homemade pita bread and dips, vegie patties and a textural but seriously tasty assortment of fruit, pickled vegetables and grains. There’s also homemade coconut water, raw smoothies, cold siphon coffee and chilled cascara cherry tea to drink. They’ve set up shop in a gap between leases and will only be there for the next 30 (or so) days, so heed to any new years resolution you might have had to be super healthy and go check it out. Naked Indiana: 46 – 54 Foster Street, Surry Hills.

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