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Museum Magazine Visits Paramount by The Office Space

Paramount by The Office Space is singular as much as it is spellbinding in its detail and finishes. Earlier this year, art journal Museum Magazine visited Paramount by The Office Space to meet and discover the artisans, architects and artists behind its creation: “I am standing, then sitting, then mulling around the upper ground level of Paramount House, a 1940s heritage building that was formerly the office and distribution centre of Paramount Pictures. This is a place that Sydney residents are most likely familiar with: there is a cinema downstairs and a café at the entrance level, and before the level I am standing in became home to a swathe of incredibly private serviced offices, it was a pop-up venue for fashion events.

There are dogs here. Dogs! I have counted two small and well-behaved dogs that appear to share a single leash. If all dogs were this quiet and seemingly manageable, I tell myself, perhaps everyone would have them. The discreet canines belong to someone I haven’t been formally introduced to, but I assume we are friends because his pets are so polite.

The reality of Paramount by The Office Space, the newest project by power-duo Boris and Naomi Tosic, is that clients can be as private or social as they wish: their bespoke suites (lit naturally in the day and by custom Alma brass fittings in the evening) allow for either option. What is most interesting though—much more than a speculative who’s who of tenants and their pets—is the sheer extent of contemporary art. It is everywhere, in glass rooms and boardrooms and every single office, mostly sourced from the Tosic’s formidable collection. And that is why we are here, to meet the various artists and artisans represented.” Laura Bannister, Editor in Chief, Museum Magazine.

Read the full article here. Enquire about Paramount by The Office Space here.

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